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Dear guitar lovers, we have great news! The Twents Guitar Festival is now placed on the European agenda. Last spring, at the initiative of the guitar festival in Zagreb, we asked an application for an European project with a duration of four years with 13 other guitar festivals. The project, the Eurostrings project, has been approved and is largely financed by a European subsidy, for a small part we have to pay for it ourselves.

At the Twents Guitar Festival 2018, which takes place from 10 to 13 May, you can see what that leads to. 10 winners of European guitar festivals will have the opportunity to develop further as performing musicians and teachers. They will take part in our master classes and gain experience by playing in an ensemble. They will develop their talents as a teacher by, among other things, acting for youth and young people.

This will give the Twents Guitar Festival a great boost. We would like to invite you to participate in our festival. The program for that is still under development. In the program you will again not only find concerts, but also workshops, master classes and a guitar market. And not only in concert halls but also on the old market in Enschede and as usual, a great variety of good guitar music. Additionally the contributions of our Young Stars!

Kerst Boersma, chairman

To learn more about the EuroStrings visit the website: www.eurostrings.eu

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