Our Concerts:

Thu. 29-5, 13:00 Hemelse gitaren op de Oude markt

Thu. 29-5, 20:00 Frank Bungarten

Fri. 30-5, 20:00 Duo Melis

Sa. 31-5, 12:30 Martin Müller

Sa. 31-5, 20:00 Robert Horna

Su. 1-6, 12:30 Duo Teyata

Su. 1-6, 20:00 Ricardo Gallén

Ascension Day 2014 will be the first day of the ninth edition of the Twents Guitar Festival!

This year the festival will take place from May 29h till June 1st 2014. Once more the Oude Markt (Old Market), the Concordia Theatre and the Artez Conservatory in Enschede will buzz with a great variety of guitar music.

The kick-start will be a free concert by several guitarists and bands on the open-air-podium at the Oude Markt (old market). The following Friday, Saturday and Sunday classical top-guitarists will perform and give masterclasses in Enschede. You can enjoy concerts by the following renowned musicians: Ricardo Gallén, Frank Bungarten, Susana Pietro & Alexis Muzurakis, Robert Horna, Martin Müller and Duo Teyata. And it’s also interesting to come and listen to the masterclasses at the ArtEZ Conservatory, for free.

To amateur guitarists and oncoming professional guitarists we offer guitarist masterclasses and workshops. You can participate in the festival’s Guitar Competiton, a competition for guitarists on different levels. Furthermore you can take part in a flamenco workshop, in ensemble playing and, new this year, in a fingerstyle workshop for young talents.

In May we hope to meet you in Enschede!

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