Groovy Timekeeping

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“Something grooves in music, whenever you feel the drive to move”

A definition of Groove is: The balance between slowing down and accelerating while the tempo remains the same (= Timekeeping).

A condition for this is a so-called “broad pulse”: Not everyone has to play in exactly the same place in the beat. One person plays a little earlier or slightly later than the other. You also say: One is more in front of the beat, the other in the back or has a lazy timing. Groove, however, is a concept that is difficult to define and can be interpreted differently for everyone.

In this workshop by Digmon Roovers & Jan Kuiper the following topics are discussed:

  • Groove
  • Timing
  • Feel
  • Beat
  • Styles: Funk, Soul, Reggae, Blues, Jazz
  • Right hand / Left hand
  • Think like a drummer
  • Let the metronome swing
  • Improvisation
  • and much more…

The purpose of this workshop is:
To form an understanding of the word “Groove”.
Try to figure out what kind of timing you have as a musician / guitarist.


Digmon Roovers & Jan Kuiper

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