gitaarbeursGuitar exhibition: Guitar builders

From May 10th till May 12th 3 guitar builders will show their instruments in the refectory of the ArtEZ conservatory.
They’ll happily answer every question about their guitars.
Of course you can try the instruments!

Jan Zonjee
Since 1998 Jan Zonjee has been a professional builder of acoustic guitars with a distinguished character. He began his career as a builder of classical (concert-) guitars, but throughout the years he started to build various other instruments as well: the JM-series of steelstrings, the Mulberry cross-over guitar and the so-called Persian ukulele.
In building he uses different kinds of wood, selected by himself at several suppliers: “India- or Madagascar rosewood is the standard wood for building the resonator of my concert-models, but I’d just as well or even rather like to use less exotic woods like walnut or pearwood. The sound of a guitar made from indigenous wood is second to no guitar made from the more customary woods. To make the soundboards I use European spruce, Engelmann fir wood or cedar wood, each with its own specific sound qualities.”
Jan also gives lessons in guitar building; his students learn to build their own guitar.



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Jan Zonjee

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