Anabel Montesinos at Twents Gitaarfestival

Anabel Montesinos

Mateusz Kowalski at Twents Gitaarfestival

Mateusz Kowalski

Izhar Elias at Twents Gitaarfestival

Timo Brauwers

Izhar Elias at Twents Gitaarfestival

Göksel Yılmaz Ensemble


Welcome at Twents Gitaarfestival 2021

Dear guitar friends and guitar music lovers,

Yes! We can go again. The 15th edition of the Twents Gitaarfestival will finally take place from 22nd to 24th of October. The festival was originally supposed to take place last May, we then organized the competitions online but had to make the decision to move the rest of the festival. Fortunately, the forecasts for October seem a lot better. This year we opted for a hybrid format for most of the program. This means, among other things, that masterclasses can also be followed online and a number of activities/concerts can also be followed via a livestream.

Behind the scenes we are busy with all the preparations. Also this year, 4 talented young guitarists who participate in the EuroStrings exchange program will come to our festival. They all won a guitar competition in Europe last year and will give concerts and masterclasses here. In addition, a double concert is planned by the Polish Matheusz Kowalski and the Spanish Anabel Montesinos, of the fingerstyle guitarist, and also winner of our fingerstyle competition in 2019, Timo Brauwers and we will conclude with a concert by the multi-ethnic Göksel Yilmaz ensemble, where the classical guitar connects with other cultural influences. Jorrit Douwes plays in the support act.

We also have several interesting workshops. i.a. a singer-songwriter workshop, fingerstyle workshops and a campfire guitar workshop. We also have a special program for children who do not play the guitar yet, or who have just started. The journey of discovery to the guitar with the possibility to try out the guitar during the workshop guitar for beginners. New this year is the open stage. Anyone who plays guitar can participate, but full is full. In addition, we organize a full day in collaboration with EGTA for guitar teachers from all over the country. Most activities this year will take place for the first time in Kaliber Kunstenschool in Enschede. We are very happy with this collaboration.

From September 1st you can register via our website. We will also keep you informed via our website and our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram).

Kerst Boersma (chairman)

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