Anabel Montesinos at Twents Gitaarfestival

Anabel Montesinos

Mateusz Kowalski at Twents Gitaarfestival

Mateusz Kowalski

Welcome at Twents Gitaarfestival 2021

Dear guitar friends and guitar music lovers,

We regret having to cancel the 16th edition of the Twents Guitar Festival last year due to the corona measures. To prevent the same from happening this year, we have decided to postpone most of the festival to October.With today’s outlook, it looks like we will have to deal with less coercive measures than last year.In addition, we opted for a hybrid set-up for most of the program.This means that we want to offer concerts and other program elements both live and live streamed.This makes it possible to reach interested parties who are unable to attend concerts due to corona measures or other reasons.The dates we have set for this are 22 to 24 October.

For organizational reasons, however, we have decided to organize the competition for classical guitar and the fingerstyle competition completely online in May.

Announcement of the winners


Preparations are now in full swing. For example, as a result of our participation in the EuroStrings project, we again expect some talented young guitarists who have won a European guitar competition last year. We also expect the participation of a baglama (sas) player. Another new feature is that we want to organize an open stage for amateur guitarists.

We will keep you informed of our preparation via our website and in particular via social media (Facebook, Instagram).

Kerst Boersma (chairman)

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