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Welcome at Twents Gitaarfestival 2022

Chairman´s Preface:

Twents Gitaarfestival 2022 in Enschede

Finally the time has come! After the Twents Guitar Festival had to be canceled in 2020 due to the corona pandemic and moved to October in 2021, we can organize the Twents Gitaarfestival 2022 as usual during the Ascension weekend from 26th to 29th of May. Although we look back on a festival that was successful in all respects in 2021, the festival in the spring is different, you look forward to it with more optimism.

The past year was an eventful year for us as organizers. The EuroStrings project has come to an end and, at the initiative of the project management in Zagreb, an application has been submitted for a 3-year second EuroStrings project. For the time being, we assume that that application will also be granted, , but for 2022 the result will be too late. That is why there is no contribution from EuroStrings in the program this year.

In addition, in 2021 we discussed our course for the coming years. In the end we decided that we want to gradually transform the Twents Gitaarfestival into a participants’ festival, a festival for amateur guitarists, and especially for students of guitar schools, and guitar teachers. In order to a better match for the wishes of guitar students, we have had conversations with guitar teachers about the wishes and possibilities of their students. As a result, apart from the EuroStrings program, we are programming more activities for amateur guitarists. A few fixed program components and a few new ones that we started last year have been maintained. For amateur guitarists we program an open stage, the guitar market in the Grote Kerk, ensembles of students from music schools, workshops and guitar lessons.

There are still many interesting activities for guitar students and professionals, including the classical guitar competition and guitar lessons.

For the festival in 2021, a ‘musical encounter’, an encounter between western guitar music and string music from a non-western music culture, in this case the Turkish baglama (saz), has been programmed for the first time. A Dutch classical guitarist and a Turkish ensemble stood on one stage. This year we have again programmed a ‘musical encounter’, this time as a musical walking route through the city center of Enschede.

In short, in 2022 we can offer you an interesting musical program. Sign up and if you are a guitar teacher, so are your students. Or buy tickets. We have something to offer for all guitarists. We hope to be able to greet everyone during the Ascension weekend!

Kerst Boersma (chairman)


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