Applications for EuroStrings Scholarships are now open!

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EuroStringsEuropean Guitar Festival Collaborative, a platform co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, is proud to announce the first set of scholarships for EuroStrings festivals happening in Oktober 2021.
EuroStrings provides international opportunities for young classical guitar players and contributes to their professional development through various educational and training programs. To acknowledge the financial situation of many young guitar players and to support their international education, EuroStrings has developed a scholarship programme for students from lower  income backgrounds. This scholarship will enable young guitarists to participate in international guitar competitions and masterclasses of EuroStrings Festivals during 2022. Applicants interested to attend any of the following festivals, may submit the necessary documents to be considered for a full coverage of travel, accommodation, participation costs and per diem for one candidate per each festival:

Who can apply?
Young guitarists, aged between 18 and 25, with lower financial capability may apply for the scholarship. They need to be a student at a music school and have to undergo professional education for at least 2 years.
These scholarships are awarded as per talent (musicianship, virtuosity, performance quality et al) and financial need of the applicant.

Application process
Interested applicants should submit the following materials for review:

  •  a private or unlisted YouTube video containing free choice of repertoire at
    about 10 min duration
  • a tax return (personal and/or parent’s)
  • a short description of household status (number of people in household
  • 1 A4 written out formal request for applicant’s financial assistance
    concerning travel, accommodation, festival costs and per diems,
    specifying the festival of interest. This request should contain candidate’s
    contact info – name, last name, address, email address, phone number –
    and personal thoughts as to why he or she is in need of the EuroStrings

The materials should be submitted to each respective festival director (listed below), and copy and Mak Grgic (, EuroStrings Artistic Director:

Twents Gitaarfestival:

Good luck to all applicants!


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