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Arnaldo Lopez Twents GitaarfestivalArnaldo Lopez was the only child born on January 5, 1979 in Alkmaar. He owes the Spanish name to his father who comes from Mallorca.

He is also the first to introduce Arnaldo to various musical instruments. Keys, drums, saxophone, Arnaldo quickly got along, but the guitar, perhaps the most difficult instrument, inspired him the most. The soccer shoes were replaced for a guitar! He has not had lessons for more than a year. He could no longer see the sheet music. Instead of reading the music, he simply played after the teacher. The entire unplugged CD by Eric Clapton and the solos by Mark Knopfler were played to infinity! And all of that on an old guitar with a crooked neck or from the flea market that he restored himself. “You will become a guitar builder later,” his classmates always said to him.

Arnaldo soon played keyboards and guitar in various formations from Rockabilly to Nederpop, and he played as support acts for Herman Brood, De Dijk and Van Dik Hout. He also took care of the production of various recordings and got to know all aspects of the music world.

Arnaldo actually composed his own songs from the moment he was able to make music. The acoustic guitar was the best for this and in 2006 he had enough songs for an album. “Someday” is his first solo guitar album which even received an honorable third place in America at the Just Plain Folks Awards, alongside established names such as Stephen Bennett and Daniele Bazzani! Tommy Emmanuel gave Arnaldo a stage to show his melodic music to the general public. For example, Arnaldo was nicknamed “Melody Man” by Tommy and a new solo career began for Arnaldo. Meanwhile Arnaldo also gave guitar lessons to about 40 students and he even had a waiting list that grew rapidly.

n 2007 Arnaldo and his partner Irene became pregnant with a son who died in the womb after 6 months of pregnancy. At that time Arnaldo was working on his second solo album which he also dedicated to Silvan *. From that moment on, life took a completely different turn. He had made the coffin for their child in the shape of a heart. Arnaldo realized that he himself had the ability to do this, but most parents probably didn’t. It turned out that there was not a lot of choice in coffins and that is why Arnaldo decided to make those coffins for other sad parents too. He then finished teaching to meet the demand for the boxes.

Working with wood is something Arnaldo might as much like doing music. He could not do without either. As a teenager, he built his first electric guitar and an acoustic guitar didn’t last long. Now that he also had a workshop to make his heart, it started to itch again. A befriended guitar builder in the area offered to build a guitar together. This inspired him to get to work himself and so in 2018 his first Terz guitar was born. A smaller guitar which is tuned a little higher. These guitars are fairly popular in America, but not so well known in Europe. Maybe that will change now that Arnaldo’s guitar has been noticed by well-known Dutch artists for whom he is now building on commission. The guitar inspires enormously, as many describe it when they play it. There is no bigger compliment, according to Arnaldo!

Arnaldo is now doing exactly what he once dreamed of, working with wood and making music. Plans for the future will of course always be there. For example, he has since started working out new compositions on both acoustic and electric guitar. Arnaldo still regularly performs. Solo or in various formations such as “Herbert-H-Herbert” and his Dutch folk-dutch pop duo “Emmerig en Lopez”. And who knows in the future with his new compositions in a new band!

2nd of june 6 p.m.
Buitenpodium Oude Markt

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