Arthur Adam ten Cate

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Arthur Adam ten Cate Twents Gitaarfestival

Arthur Adam ten Cate (1980) is a singer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, grown up in Enschede. At the age of seventeen he moved to Amsterdam to study Philosophy and Law. He became mr.drs., Still chose music, and has acted as a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist all over the world for the past fifteen years, played around 25x […]

Mart Hillen

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There are few musicians who can make one guitar sound like a whole band. Mart Hillen is one of them: He plays the melody and the bass part, and drums on his guitar at the same time. Or in the words of radio DJ Giel Beelen: “You can’t imagine it, but this all happens on […]

Gypsy Project

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Gypsy Project Twents Gitaarfestival

Anton Goudsmit/Robin Nolan/Arnoud van den Berg – Gypsy Project Put the enfant terrible of contemporary Nederjazz, guitarist Anton Goudsmit, on a stage with the “rocker of Gypsyjazz” guitarist Robin Nolan, and you’ll automatically get a sparkling and unpredictable set of Gypsyjazz. The task for bass player Arnoud van den Berg to curb these two unguided […]

Arnaldo Lopez

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Arnaldo Lopez Twents Gitaarfestival

Arnaldo Lopez was the only child born on January 5, 1979 in Alkmaar. He owes the Spanish name to his father who comes from Mallorca. He is also the first to introduce Arnaldo to various musical instruments. Keys, drums, saxophone, Arnaldo quickly got along, but the guitar, perhaps the most difficult instrument, inspired him the […]

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