Workshop Fingerstyle by Mart Hillen

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Maart Hillen @ Twents Gitaarfestival

There are just a few musicians who can make one guitar sound like a whole band. Mart Hillen is one of them.

He plays the melody and the bass part, and drums on his guitar at the same time. Or in the words of radio DJ Giel Beelen: ‘You can’t imagine it, but this all happens on one and the same guitar’.

In 2016 Mart won the Rabo On Stage theater competition in Zutphen and the Fingerstyle Academy Awards in Amsterdam, after which he played with the world’s best acoustic guitarist Tommy Emmanuel. “I think I can retire,” was his statement when he heard Mart play.

Mart Hillen:

“Mart Hillen, the youngest guitar phenomenon in the Netherlands, gives a fingerstyle workshop. In the first part of the workshop, Mart takes you on a journey of discovery into the world of fingerstyle playing. What techniques are there? How do you choose a technique that fits the artistic story you want to tell? And what is the difference between fingerstyle and ‘normal’ guitar playing? And if topics are still underexposed, there is ample time to ask Mart questions. Finally, there is the possibility to talk one on one with Mart and you can get started under the watchful eye of the master to discover or perfect. This workshop is suitable for anyone with an interest in fingerstyle. Experience is not necessary, but also for the experienced player there will be plenty to learn. Even if you don’t play guitar yourself, but you are interested in Fingerstyle, this workshop is recommended.”

If you play guitar yourself, we request that you bring your own guitar to the workshop.

Saturday 28th of May
2-4 p.m.
Kaliber Kunstenschool
Price: €25

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