Fingerstyle by Timo Brauwers

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Timo Brauwers op Twents GitaarfestivalTimo Brauwers will give two Fingerstyle workshops at the Twents Gitaarfestival one for the beginning and one for the advanced guitarist.

In 2019 Timo Brauwers won the 1st prize of the Fingerstyle Competition at the Twents Guitar Festival. The guitar has played an important role in the life of fingerstyle guitarist Timo Brauwers throughout his life. An important stage in his professional career was the stage of the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Arnhem, where he studied Jazz and pop guitar. It was during these days that he discovered that the steel string guitar helped him express his feelings and mood. Since then he has composed non stop songs ranging from melancholic, sad and cheerful. Timo Brauwers has been played as a support act by Franco Morone, Joscho Stephan and Petteri Sariola. Although his focus is on the acoustic guitar, Timo still enjoys playing other genres with which he is still regularly on stage. Music and diversity is so important to it that no one in the audience can miss it. In addition, he has been transferring his love and knowledge to his students since 1999.

Timo Brauwers Fingerstyle workshops include:

Workshop Fingerstyle beginners:

– Independent play of the right hand through alternating bass exercises
– Developing easy songs with simultaneous playing of bass and melody

Workshop Fingerstyle advanced::

– Introduction to the percussive fingerstyle technique
– Backbeat exercises with string slaps
– Legato techniques for playing the melody independently to the backbeat


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Friday, October 22nd
2:00 p.m. and 3 p.m.
Kaliber Kunstenschool
Price: 20,- €

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