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“Something grooves in music, whenever you feel the drive to move”

A definition of Groove is: The balance between slowing down and accelerating while the tempo remains the same (= Timekeeping).

A condition for this is a so-called “broad pulse”: Not everyone has to play in exactly the same place in the beat. One person plays a little earlier or slightly later than the other. You also say: One is more in front of the beat, the other in the back or has a lazy timing. Groove, however, is a concept that is difficult to define and can be interpreted differently for everyone.

In this workshop by Digmon Roovers & Jan Kuiper the following topics are discussed:

  • Groove
  • Timing
  • Feel
  • Beat
  • Styles: Funk, Soul, Reggae, Blues, Jazz
  • Right hand / Left hand
  • Think like a drummer
  • Let the metronome swing
  • Improvisation
  • and much more…

The purpose of this workshop is:
To form an understanding of the word “Groove”.
Try to figure out what kind of timing you have as a musician / guitarist.


Digmon Roovers & Jan Kuiper

Saturday 12th of may
12:30 – 2.30 pm



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Jan Zonjee

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Twents Gitaar Festival heeft 2 nieuwe foto's toegevoegd.
Twents Gitaar Festival

4 weeks ago

We are terribly sad to have lost our dear friend Sabrina Vlaskalic. Yesterday, Sabrina passed away due to a terrible traffic-accident.
Her passion, musicality and excitement in music will be missed dearly. We share our deepest condolences with her partner Jorrit Douwes, her family, friends and the organisation of the Dutch Guitar Foundation in which she was the thriving factor.
Sabrina, you have become a guitar-legend. Your music will live on, and you will always be remembered.
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Twents Gitaar Festival heeft 2 nieuwe foto's toegevoegd.
Twents Gitaar Festival

1 month ago

More news! Artur Jaschke will provide a lecture on "music as a window to the brain" at the Twents Gitaarfestival 2019 on the 30th of may, as part of the EuroStrings - European Guitar Festival Collaborative. Save the date, more details will follow.
For the ones who can't wait, you can get a little fortaste: On the 15th of January he will defend his disseration about Music and the Brain at the VU in Amsterdam. Congratulations to Artur Jaschke! We wish him good luck and look forward to his lecture at the Twents Gitaar Festival 2019.

Music is not just sound, music is the way people listen to sound. It is always around us; on your iPhone, in the supermarket or in the club. Neuropsychologist Artur Jaschke (ArtEZ – VU – UMCG) speaks about the unique ability of human beings to clap in rhythm, while most people see themselves as non-musical. What does music do to our brain?

Artur C. Jaschke is researcher clinical Neuromusicology at the VU University Amsterdam (The Netherlands) in the department of Clinical Neuropsychology, specialising in the interrelation of music, executive functions and brain maturation in clinical and non clinical populations with the title Beyond Music Education: The effects of music interventions on neurocognition and behaviour. Additionally, he is lector Music-based therapies and interventions at the department of Music Therapy at ArtEZ University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Enschede the Netherlands.

#arturjaschke #eurostrings #guitar #classicalguitar #musiccognition #neuromusicology #neurology #neuroscience #musicasawindowtothebrain #twentsgitaarfestival #artez #VUamsterdam
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