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Muzikale Route

On Sunday 29th of May you have the chance to attend a historic premiere at the Twents Gitaarfestival.

Our route starts at the old market in front of the large church in the center of Enschede. From here we will leave on foot to the first location. Duo Douwes Weierink will usher in the day with an arrangement of Schubert’s Morgengruss for baritone guitar and concert guitar. After the morning has started we walk to Molly Malone at the old market.

Here you dive with the audience into the Irish pub where the men of D’irish sing polyphonically and accompany themselves on guitars, mandolins and banjos. The group is a leader in Anglo-Saxon folk music in the Netherlands. Once finished, we walk on to the mysterious and wonderful world of the Middle East. Amidst tropical hanging plants, a babbling brook and turtles, you will be transported by the enchanting sounds from another world. With his Trio, Erin Akhsahin will mix the sounds of ancient Anatolia with the fresh contemporary influences of jazz and fusion.

To conclude our route, you are cordially invited to take a look at the Guitarhow Enschede. In the Historic Grote Kerk on the old market you will find the largest guitar market in the Netherlands where you can be informed without obligation about the latest techniques, gadgets and guitars of the moment.

“D’irish Folk is an enthusiastic group of musicians, who are committed to playing Irish and Scottish songs. D’irish is a combination of Drenthe and Irish. This band from Drenthe consists of fans of The Dubliners, The Kilkenny’s, The Poques, Scrum, Dougie Maclean, Dublin Legends and many other well-known names from the Irish and Scottish folk scene. The repertoire is full of well-known songs by these artists and the band also plays the necessary tunes. As fans of the genre, they perform in style and with great pleasure. You can sing along to hits like The wild Rover, whiskey in the Jar, Caledonia, Throw me a Penny, dance along or just listen to this band who also sing polyphonic and play many instruments. If you fancy an Irish, Scottish and Crooked party, then you’ve come to the right place with this band. Order the first Guinness…….”

“Eren Akşahin (*1992) is a bağlama player, multi-instrumentalist and composer. His music, a synthesis between Anatolian folklore and Western classical sounds, can be called contemporary Anatolian folk music. She is characterized by a strong sensitivity and authenticity to the fundamentals of Anatolian folk music, as well as the beauty of sound and innovation on its own instrument.
In 2017 he completed his master’s degree with an interdisciplinary focus on traditional Anatolian music, guitar and contemporary composition.
There he also met Sinan Arat and Ata Güner, with whom he often played in different setups.
His current projects range from traditional folk music to danceable ethno-jazz crossovers to western chamber music, in which he presents his instrumental performances and new compositions.”

Tickets are limited available.

Sunday, 29th of May
10:00 a.m.
Grote Kerk at Oude Markt (Old Market)
Tickets: €15
Children under 16 free of charge

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