Richard van Bergen’s Rootbag

Written by cskadmin. Posted in Archive 2015

RootbagThe musicians of Richard van Bergen’s Rootbag find their inspiration in the hypnotic blues from the Mississippi Delta, the sexy grooves from New Orleans and marshy R&B. This band mixes these styles into a Rootbag-style gumbo soup. Rough, intense, soulful and groovy. The band was formed in 2010, with Dick Wagensveld on bass guitar and Jeroen JJ Goossens on drums. They played at the famous Moulin Blues Festival.

Then, while they were recording their debut cd, fate struck: their studio burned down and bass player Dick Wagensveld died during a gig at the Paasblues festival. In 2014 Richard decided to finish the recorded tracks. At an Arrow Classic Rock Radio poll the cd was elected Blues Album of the Year with no less than 45% of the votes!

Donderdag 14 mei
Aanvang 17:00 uur
Podium Oude Markt

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