Sabrina Vlaskalic

Written by TGFPR. Posted in Archive 2018

Classical guitar is Sabrina’s biggest passion — she has been in love with the instrument since she was 7 years old.

Sabrina’s fascination; every small, delicate movement of a finger, of either hand, can subtly change an interpretation. Sabrina always focused on playing with these colours of sound on classical guitar. This exploration of the instrument was particularly interesting for her due to a rarecondition — synaesthesia — a phenomenon in which one perceives sounds, letters, and numbersas colours. Sabrina cannot remember ever playing guitar without seeing the sounds as shapes,colours, surfaces, or motion. This condition has made her more acutely sensitiveto questions ofsound colour and it has inevitably influenced her musicianship.Sabrina is one of the world’s most beloved concert artists with an exceptionally strongbond with her instrument. Her power of expression lies in a deep understanding of the timbre ofthe guitar and in profound control over transformations of intensity and character. This incrediblytouching quality of Sabrina’s playing was noticed by Thérèse Wassily Saba, a journalist of

Classical Guitar Magazine:

“What impressed me most when I heard Sabrina was her broad range of expression: from the most delicateand intimate, caressing pianissimos to almost frighteningly powerful fortissimos…all at the service of hermusical interpretation. Accompanying this powerful expressiveness was a strong sense of intention—sheknew exactly what she wanted to say.”

Sabrina loves to play works whose expressivity lies in the versatility and refinement of timbre. She is very curious about developing characteristic and vivid musical details in Spanishrepertoire; exploring all shades of sadness from Brazilian saudade and Balkan zalopojkato theheart-breaking depths of Spanish cantejondo; and also developing interpretations of modern andcontemporary music that uses timbre as a part of the musical syntax. Sabrina feels aresponsibility to her own musical heritage and she can often be heard playing music of Balkancomposers. Since she lives and works in the Netherlands, Sabrina has also frequently premieredand performed Dutch works for classical guitar.


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