Word of thanks 2018

To all participants, subsidizers, sponsors, partners, co-organizers and volunteers.

As board of the Twents Gitaarfestival we look back on a very successful 13th edition of the Twents Gitaarfestival. Musically, the festival fully met our expectations and everything went as planned. The big difference with the festival of the past years was that 10 Young Stars, winners of European guitar festivals, participated. These guitar festivals work together in the EuroStrings project. The Young Stars had a strong musical input and contributed to the quality of the festival.

We hope that the visitors of the concerts on the indoor stages and the outdoor stage on the Oude Markt enjoyed it as much as we did. We would like to thank participants in the master classes and workshops for their participation and we hope that it helps them to improve their own way of playing. We would also like to thank participants for the solo competition and ensemble competition for their participation. We hope that those who did not win a prize would also find it worthwhile to participate.

The Twents Gitaarfestival could only be organized thanks to subsidies and sponsor contributions. We particularly thank the municipality of Enschede, the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, the Paul Pella Foundation, the Vereniging Horeca Stad Enschede, the Artez Conservatory, the Muziekcentrum Enschede and Kaj’s Guitarstore for their financial and non-financial contributions. We can look back on a very successful collaboration with a large number of people and institutions.

Finally, we would also like to thank the volunteers who assisted us with their specific expertise and commitment, both during preparation and during implementation.

Next year the next generation of Young Stars will be touring and will again participate in the 14th Twents Gitaarfestival. We also hope to welcome you again next year at the 14th Twents Gitaarfestival.

Kerst Boersma (chairman)


To learn more about the EuroStrings visit the website: www.eurostrings.eu


Yuki Saito

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