Regulations Fingerstyle Sologuitar Online Competition – Twents Gitaarfestival 2021

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The competition is organised by Stichting Twents Gitaarfestival.

Fingerstyle Sologuitar Competition for amateurguitarists, conservatory-students or professional guitarists.

  1. The competition consists of two rounds. In all rounds, audio- and/or video-files will be submitted online. Five finalists will be selected by the jury and announced at Sunday May 9th, 2021. The final round will take place at Saturday May 22nd, 2021. Participation is limited to a maximum of 50 participants and is done in order of registration.
  2. The maximum playing time for submitted video-files is 10 minutes. In the finals, a maximum playing time of 30 minutes is required. Participants are allowed to repeat maximum 10 minutes from the first round in the finals. Exceeding the playing time can lead to disqualification. When exceeding the time limits the participants will be stopped.
  3. The choice of program is mostly free, but has to meet the following requirements:
    • Every music-genre can be played.
    • Harp-Guitars, 12 String, Hollow Body, and Acoustic Guitars are allowed.
    • The use of amplifiers is allowed.
    • Audio editing afterwards by means of a Digital Audio Workstation is not allowed. In case of doubt by our jury members, a new application video may be requested in exceptional cases. If both parties (participant and TGF) do not agree on this, disqualification will follow and a refund of the participant fee.
    • The use of Audio effects is allowed with the exception of loop systems. (Allowed include: Chorus Flange, Phasers, Tremolos, Delay, Tape Echo, Wah Wah, Deep Echo, Stompboxes, Octave Effects, Multi Effect Channels and Reverb Pedals / Effects.)
    • Using vocals will not be included in the assessment.
    • Using loop-systems is not allowed.
    • The program has to be played by heart
  1. Rules for the video:
    • The executed program for each round must be filmed in one take and submitted unedited. Cutting is not allowed between different pieces.
    • Before playing, the name of the player and the name of the festival (Twents Gitaarfestival 2021) must be mentioned, followed by an announcement of the program.
    • The video must be submitted as a YouTube link (set to public) via the registration form or the “Submit Videolink” form.
    • The videos that will be submitted will be allowed to be shared by the Twents Guitar Festival on social media channels, as well as on the website of the Twents Guitar Festival.
    • By sharing a video link, the participant grants Twents Gitaarfestival the right to share this image and audio material on the internet, stating the artist.
    • Submitted material can be used by Twents Gitaarfestival for promotional purposes of the festival.
  1. Prizes:
    • First prize: € 500 + a performance at the next edition of the Twents Guitar Festival in 2022 (with a fee of € 250 incl. VAT, excl. travel expenses)
    • Second prize: € 250
    • Audiance-Prize: € 100
  2. The admission-fee: €35,- per participant. Participants pay this amount when registering via the online payment function.
  3. Participation is possible for musicians from all countries.
  4. The order of performance in the finals will be decided by the competition-manager.
  5. When subscribing, the participant ensures to agree with the jury-decisions and follow directions of the competition-manager.
  6. Every finalist is allowed to request jury-feedback in written form, per e-mail after the festival.
  7. There can be no discussion or correspondence about the jury’s judgement.
  8. The final date: May 8th, 2021. Subscription via: Registrationform on website.
  9. In the first round, the amount of particpants is limited to 50, in order of registration.
  10. On facebook, the audience award will be calculated based on the number of references to a finalist profile that will be shared by viewers in the comment section below the relevant footage. Viewers can vote by leaving a comment with a # followed by the Participant’s name.


Participation is open to guitar-players of all countries.
By entry every participant declares to agree with:

  • the regulations of this competition
  • the decisions of the jury
  • the directions of the competition-managers
  • Data from the registration are stored for a period of at least 1 year after the end of the festival.
  1. The administration of the competition determines the maximum number of participating guitarists in each category and at the competition as a whole.
  2. The competition is open to public.
  3. The final will take place online.
  4. If a participant does not submit the link to the video in time, he / she will be excluded from further participation in the competition without refund of the Application Fee.
  5. Fully filled-out application – forms, including audio- and/or video-files should be received before the deadline by the secretary of the foundation:See Application form
    Deadline for application: May 8th 2021
  1. Each application should enclose:
    • Truthful personal information: name, address, email and date of birth.
    • Links to the videos
    • The program fully stated including the duration of each item.
    • Application fee € 35

In any situation that is not covered by these regulations the administration of the competition decides.

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