Twents Gitaarfestival Competition 2020

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This years festival again features the Twents Gitaarfestival Competition.

This competition is meant for conservatory students and professional guitarists.

This competition is held throughout the entire weekend:

  • 1st round: Thursday May 21st
  • 2nd round: Friday May 22nd
  • final: Saturday June 23rd

Participants for the competition will be admitted in order of registration. A maximum of twelve participants will advance to the second round. Three participants will be selected for the final.

Program Requirements

  • first round: 8 minutes – programme of free choice
  • second round: 10 minutes – programme of free choice
  • final round: 25 minutes – programme of free choice, containing at least 2 different style periods, the pieces of the 1ste round may be featured in the programme of the final round


Please read the official regulations of the competition.


The jury will consist of several renowned European guitarists and classical musicians.


  • 1st prize: € 1000,- and a large set of guitaristic prizes, guitar CDs and guitar gadgets.
  • 2nd prize: € 500,- a large set of guitaristic prizes, guitar CDs and guitar gadgets.

The winner will receive the title EuroStrings Artist and may participate in the Young Star exchange program. Throughout this program you may participate in a concert tour to different EuroStrings festivals and you can take the challenge to compete with other winners of the EuroStrings Festivals during the EuroStrings Competition. The winner of the EuroStrings Competition will receive a prize of € 5,000 and gets the offer for one or more concerts in the USA, organized by the Guitar Foundation of America and in China, organized by the Altamira Guitar Foundation and Opus 119.

Develop your global career! Join our international competition and connect with emerging guitarists in the EuroStrings platform.

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