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Twents Gitaarfestival – 2nd Fingestyle Sologuitar Online Competion.

Since the last decades, a blend of different music genres is presented on stage and studio’s. Cross-over-thinking is widely represented today, shifting borders of styles and conventions of right and wrong. From the belief that free experimenting in music is one of the biggest achievements of our generation, the Fingerstyle-genre combines several musical styles and techniques to a new cross-over genre. Therefore, Twents Gitaarfestival offers the broadly oriented guitarist a chance to present his/her play, achieve recognition from the audience and consequently build a reputation as Fingerstyle Guitarist.

The indicated style in the Fingerstyle Sologuitar Online Competion is free to a large extend, consequently to support participants to develop their personal style outside the mainstream and ‘false’ doctrines.

The Fingerstyle Sologuitar Competion is open to amateur-guitarists, conservatory students and professional guitarists of all nationalities.

The competition has two rounds, all rounds require the participants to submit a video-file online. From these submissions, our jury will select 5 finalists, who will be announced on Sunday May 9th, via the Twents Gitaarfestivals Social Media Platforms. The final will be held at Saturday May 22nd online.

Program requirements

You can sign up from April 1st via the online registration form on our website. You must submit a video of max. 10 minutes free program. You can register until May 8th at the latest.

Finals: 30 minutes of free program. Repeating maximum 10 minutes of the program of the first round is allowed in the finals.

The program should meet the following requirements

  • Every music genre can be played. For a classical repertoire, we would like to refer to our classical competition ( Twents Gitaarfestival Competition).
  • Harp Guitar, 12 String, Hollow Body, and Acoustic Guitars are allowed.
  • The use of amplifiers is allowed.
  • Audio editing afterwards by means of a Digital Audio Workstation is not allowed.
  • The use of Audio effects is allowed with the exception of loop systems.
  • Use of vocals will not be included in assessment by the jury.
  • Use of loop-systems is not allowed.
  • The program must be played by heart.

Registration fee is € 35, – per participant. Participants pay this amount when registering via the online payment function.


Please read the official regulations of the Fingerstyle Sologuitar Online Competition.


The jury will consist of reputed guitarists and musicians from Europe, specialised in this kind of genre.


First prize: € 500 + a performance at the next edition of the Twents Gitaarfestival in 2022 (with a fee of € 250 VAT included, excl. travel expenses)

Second prize: € 250

Audiance-Prize: € 100

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