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  1. The competition consists of two rounds. The first round is on May the 2nd and the final round takes places on May 15th.
  2. The playing time allowed for each guitarist is:
      • first round: 10-12 minutes free choice of program
      • Final: 30 minutes free choice of program containing at least two different style periods.

    Participants are allowed to repeat a maximum of 6 minutes program from the first round in the final.

  3. Regulations for the Video:
      • The executed program for each round must be filmed in one go and submitted unedited. Cutting is not allowed between different pieces.
      • Before playing, he name of the player, the name of the festival (Twents Gitaarfestival 2021) must be mentioned followed by an announcement of the program.
      • The video must be submitted as a YouTube link (public) via the registration form or the “Submit Videolink” form.
      • Submitted material can be used by Twents Gitaarfestival for promotional purposes of the festival.
  1. When exceeding the time limits the players will be stopped.
  2. The order of performers during the competition will be determined by the administration of the competition.
  3. The programm is to be performed by heart.
  4. Announcement of the finalists will take place on Sunday 02.05.2021, at 7 p.m. Finalists will be announced by the jury chairman / artistic director by means of a video message that will be shared on all social media at the specified time, finalists will also receive a personal email.
  5. Prizes: The winner will receive the title EuroStrings Artist and may participate in the EuroStrings exchange program plus € 1000 prize money. The second prize: € 500 prize money.

There can be no discussion or correspondence about the jury’s judgement.


Participation is open to guitar-players of all countries.
By submission every participant declares to agree with:

  • the regulations of this competition
  • the decisions of the jury
  • the directions of the administration of the competition
  1. The administration of the competition determines the maximum number of participating guitarists in each category and at the competition as a whole. Registration takes place in order of registration and payment.
  2. The competition is open to public.
  3. All rounds are held as a video competition and the results are published on our social media.
  4. If a participant does not submit the link to the video in time, he / she will be excluded from further participation in the competition without refund of the regristration fee.
  5. A fully completed registration form must be submitted to the festival secretariat before the registration deadline:

    Stichting Twents Gitaarfestival
    Bolhaarslaan 9
    7522 CT Enschede
    The Netherlands

    Deadline for application: May the 1st 2021
    Deadline Videos for the Finals: May the 14th 2021

  6. Each application should enclose:
    • Truthful personal information: name, address, email address and date of birth.
    • The program fully stated including the duration of each item.
    • Links to the Videos
    • Application fee: 35,-€

    These data must be received by the secretariat before deadline in default of which no application can be considered.

  7. Changes to the program are no longer possible after the links have been submitted.
  8. The registration fee is to be remitted via the online payment function, enclosed in the online registration form. The application form and the data mentioned under 6. will not be registered until the registration fee has been received.
  9. The administration of the competition may refuse an application if the program proposed does not meet the requirements or if the application is not complete. The competitor concerned will be duly informed of this.
  10. The registration fee will not be refunded if a participant decides not to take part after all.


In any situation that is not covered by these regulations the administration of the competition decides.

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