Workshop Dispokinesis by Iris Gruber

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Iris Gruber Dispokinesis

Dispokinses supports musicians on their way to empower body ressources to re-discover the art of making music freely.

Feeling how posture and body movement help to dissolve play discomfort is the base line of dispokinesis. Focus areas are how to dissolve the inexpedient use of play related muscles and breathe, play fatigue, inhibition of expression or stage fear.

In its holistic manner dispokinesis is based on scientifical results of functional anatomy, neuro-physiology, the process of learning and maturation and the findings of developmental psychology.

Content of the workshop dispokinesis:
• Introduction of dispokinesis and its concept
• Body awareness based on the so called “Urgestalten” as part of dispokinesis
• Presentation of ergonomic tools

Iris Gruber (1985) is an Austrian saxophonist. From the age of 11 she played the clarinet and later the saxophone. Growing up with typical Austrian wind- and folkmusic she soon discoverd her love for jazz and classical music. She studied classical saxophone from 2005 to 2011 (Instrumentalpädagogik) at the university for music and performing art Vienna in the class of Mag. Christian Maurer and made a specialisation for jazzsaxophon with professor Wolfgang Puschnig. She finished her bachelor study in 2010. She followed an Erasmus exchange at the ArtEZ conservatory in Enschede, the Netherlands, where she studied classical saxophone as Masterstudent from 2011 in the class of Johan van der Linden at ArtEZ. During that study period she focused next to traditional saxophone repertoire on untypical repertoire and instrumentation for her instrument and worked in combination with different art forms. 2013 she got her master degree and is currently an ensemble musician and soloist but also a teacher for saxophone and clarinet at the musicschool Gronau in Germany, Westfalia. Iris joined masterclasses, for example with Arno Bornkamp, Jean Yves Fourmeau , Claus Olesen, Rob Buckland, Willem van Merwijk, Antonio Cánovas, Peter Rohrsdorfer, Martin Fuss, Herwig Gradischnig. She performed in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Slovenia and Letland. She is a musician who creates in and with traditional but also experimental, improvised settings and music genres and is member of Il Canto di Rame, plays in an Trio with Pim Weierink (guitar) and Sibylle Bertsch (artist) and the saxophone quartet Quatre Femmes. Iris is a teacher for dispokinesis and member of the Europäische Gesellschaft für Dispokinesis e.V.


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Saturday, October 23rd
2 p.m.
Kaliber Kunstenschool
Prijs: €20

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