Workshop Gypsy Jazz door Paulus Schäfer

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Paulus Schäfer @ Twents Gitaarfestival

“The Dutch Style” Gypsy jazz is an internationally recognized style. Paulus Schäfer is not only a renowned solo guitarist, but he also has years of experience in giving workshops for beginning and advanced guitarists.

In this workshop by Paulus Schäfer he will teach the participants how the Dutch Gipsy Jazz style is played. Wasso Grünholz was the founder of what is later called ‘The Dutch School’. He taught young Sinti musicians to play the guitar. Who doesn’t know them? Stochelo and Jimmy Rosenberg, Paulus Schäfer, Feigeli Prisor and Eddy Grünholz. The basis of gypsy jazz is what the French call ‘la pompe’, a pumping form of rhythm playing. This is usually done by the rhythm guitarist and the double bass. In addition, a melody can be played over it by various solo instruments. Often they play from an existing melody and there is plenty of improvisation.

The traditional way of teaching gypsy jazz is not with music notation but through a lot of practice and imitation of experienced gypsy jazz musicians. This way of teaching will be used in particular by Paulus Schäfer.

The following items will be discussed in the workshop:

  • Plectrum / pick grip and technique
  • The importance of playing rhythm guitar
  • Different beats and rhythm development by hand, which will be shown through different rhythms
  • How to accompany a simple solo with a simple rhythm technique
  • Coordination of rhythm by hand and solo hand
  • How to play a solo in different rhythms, using different techniques / pick

For this workshop it is useful if you master the basic chords and can already play some different strokes. Paulus will first let everyone play something briefly, so that he knows where he can connect as a group and individually to let everyone really develop further.


Friday, 27th of May
3:00 – 4:30 p.m.
Kaliber Kunstenschool
Price: €25

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